Silk Benefits

Benefits of wearing our silk scrunchies
Our charmeuse silk scrunchies are your new secret to healthier and happier hair!
They are such a gorgeous fashion statement; whether they are used in your hair or on your wrist as part of an outfit accessory, they are an everyday staple.
Our 100% mulberry silk scrunchies not only look super cute but they will also bring many benefits to your hair. Different styles can be achieved - from a high ponytail, half up/half down to a messy bun, all whilst leaving the hair free of creases and kinks!
Our silk is of the highest quality and our scrunchies are hair-friendly.  The silk scrunchie helps prevent hair damage, often caused by standard hair ties, such as breakage and split ends. If worn regularly, they will help your hair to feel stronger and healthier.
Our super soft scrunchies are so delicate and comfortable, reducing friction and tension on your hair, which makes them perfect for wearing whilst you sleep. They will also help to maintain the moisture in your hair.
Benefits of wearing our silk eye masks 
Our eye masks are also made with 100% mulberry silk and aim to improve the quality of your sleep, reducing dark circles under your eyes in the morning.
The luxurious appearance of our eye masks make them perfect for travelling (blocking out all light whilst sleeping) and also the perfect gift idea! 
The silk is extremely gentle on the skin, helping to reduce anti-aging.
The eye masks help to lock in moisture around the eye area and as an added bonus, they do not absorb eye cream products so do not interrupt your eye creams or face masks; any products used will stay where they are supposed to, doing what they are supposed to do! Again, aiming to reduce wrinkles.
The eye masks help increase quality of sleep and so contribute towards reducing dark circles under your eyes, by increasing your beauty sleep.