Silk Care

Our luxury silk is delicate, so must be treated with care. All silk items are carefully packaged and it is best to keep them in their packaging, to retain the quality, especially when travelling. 
We advise that our silk should not get wet and do not recommend using our products with wet or damp hair. This is to ensure the highest quality and condition for as long as possible. 
Although we understand there may be a need to wash your silk, particularly if they are your travel essentials! 
It used to be that silk could only be washed by hand. Our silk is of the highest quality and so can be washed in the washing machine, if needed. However, it is still important to wash and dry with care, to keep your silk in its luxury condition.
We recommend following the below instructions, to feel confident washing your silk without damaging it.
By hand
To maximise the life of your silk, it is best practice to wash by hand, with cool water and a silk detergent. Simply fill your sink with cool water and add a small amount of silk detergent, before adding the silk to soak. Use your hands to gently massage and clean the silk, for no longer than 30 minutes.
Ensure the detergent is completely out of the silk by running it under cool water and pressing between your fingers. Wringing the silk can damage it, so be gentle with it.
It is possible for the silk to bleed, so we would not recommend washing different colours together. Trust us, the patience is worth it! Do not be worried if there is colour left in the water; it will not affect the colouring of your silk. 
Washing machine
We realise that washing by hand is not always practical!
If you decide to wash your silk in the machine, it is important to use a delicates bag and with the machine on the delicates setting. Again, use silk detergent and preferably on a cold wash.
Hot washes can damage the silk! So it is extra important not to wash the silk any higher than 20°c - 30°c. 
Remove the silk from the machine as soon as the wash has finished and leave it to dry.
Drying the silk
When it comes to drying the silk, patience is key. 
Once washed, whether by hand or in the machine, the silk should be positioned in it's natural shape and left to dry naturally.
Do not tumble dry silk products, as it will damage the shape and quality.